Our workshop is an extension of our business philosophy. The standard we set ensures that our customers are willing to leave even the most expensive luxury vehicles in our care.

What We Do

Our service does not end when you collect your car. Clients receive monthly newsletter keeping them informed of the latest developments in the motor industry and sharing those “trade secrets” we’ve developed to help maintain and care for their vehicle more effectively.

Paintless dent removal

A cost-effective method of removing dents from vehicles. No bondo, primers or fillers are used because the vehicle manufacturer's original paint stays in tact.

Mag Refurbishment

Repairing the mag either to its natural state/form or giving it a facelift, which includes stripping off old existing paint, straightening, painting, etc.

Plastic Welding

Plastic welding is the process of welding/melting two plastic parts together using heat & force.

Panel beating

Panel beating literally involves beating a car’s damaged panel back into shape after a collision.

Spray painting

Once the panels are restored and the chassis is readjusted, the repaired area would then be spray-painted.

Chassis Straightening

If a car’s chassis is bent because of a collision, the panels would not be neatly lined up.

Mechanical Repairs

We do all mechanical repairs including Small and major servicing of motor vehicles.

Roadside Assistance

A service provided for when your vehicle breaks down, which can include: battery jump start, towing & vehicle removal, lockout service, fuel delivery and flat tyre replacement.

And Many More

Yellowed Headlights | Paint Chips | Chipped Windshield | Interior Rips & Burns | Odor Removal | Dirty Upholstery | Paint Polishing | Door Dings | Damaged Wheels | Scuffed Bumper

Need Roadside Assistance?

We provide 24-hour roadside assistance anytime and anywhere within the borders of Cape Town.

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