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Dent Expert is a paintless dent removal workshop with specialist experience in spray painting, oven baking and chassis straightening. Dent Expert is not your typical old-fashioned panel shop. We go to great lengths to understand each client’s needs and have introduced a number of systems to aid in facilitating better customer service.

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What We Do

Our service does not end when you collect your car. Clients receive monthly newsletter keeping them informed of the latest developments in the motor industry and sharing those “trade secrets” we’ve developed to help maintain and care for their vehicle more effectively.

Paintless Dent removal

A cost-effective method of removing dents from vehicles. No bondo, primers or fillers are used because the vehicle manufacturer's original paint stays in tact.

Mag Refurbishment

Repairing the mag either to its natural state/form or giving it a facelift, which includes stripping off old existing paint, straightening, painting, etc.

Plastic Welding

Plastic welding is the process of welding/melting two plastic parts together using heat & force.

Panel beating

Panel beating literally involves beating a car’s damaged panel back into shape after a collision.

Spray painting

Once the panels are restored and the chassis is readjusted, the repaired area would then be spray-painted.

Chassis Straightening

If a car’s chassis is bent because of a collision, the panels would not be neatly lined up.

Why Choose Us

Whilst all our jobs are already covered by a 2-year workmanship warranty, our work is further covered by a LIFETIME WARRANTY against defective workmanship. This means that we will answer every query relating to our workmanship until the client is 100% satisfied with the job.

Expert Technicians

World-class experienced technicians with the latest panel beating equipment to provide a cutting-edge service.

Experienced Skills

Experienced technicians specializing in the finishing the job tailored to the customer’s needs.

Guaranteed Service

We guarantee our customer satisfaction with our workmanship we provide, to ensure our customers are happy.

Trusted Work

We are certified and approved by all vendors to work on a variety of vehicle makes and models.

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What Our Customers Say

At Dent Expert, we are serious about service. The best method of identifying and catering for our client’s needs is to have them tell us directly.

After the initial debacle regarding the claim my daughter only has the highest praise for the admin and mobile teams of Dent Expert. We must single out John on the manner in which he spent time showing my daughter what he was doing and why he was doing it.

Once they took over the matter proceeded smoothly and the car was sorted out at home.

I have to compliment Mumtaaz on her professional manner in which she handled the matter, she is an asset to the company.

This is what we expected from the start, courteous and professional assistance from the team of experts who are exceptional in their work!

Peter John Cloete

The people at Dent Expert in Parow was not only professional and made my car look brand new after fixing dents and scratches, and doing rust repair, they were also super friendly and kind. They gave me a lift home when I dropped off my car, and delivered my car to my home when the repairs were done. Thanks for doing an amazing job!!

Amelia Strachan
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